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Links for Sheds

The links below are to documents supplied by the UK Men’s Sheds Association and are reproduced here to help (particularly new) sheds to get started. This information is supplied “as is” and, while believed to be correct, is provide without any warranty or liability on the part of the UKMSA, RVS or Basingstoke Shed.

IS1 Fundraising V2

Start Up Funding for Sheds

Setting Up A Shed – Management Committee

Setting Up A Shed – Checklist

Membership Options for Sheds

IS11 Women and men’s Sheds

IS10 Charities and Trading

IS9 Getting a Group together V3 1505

IS8 Attracting People

IS7 Legal Structures

IS4 Finding Premises

IS3 Building a Website

IS2 Insurance

IS2 Insurance V4